In an attempt to sum up what it actually is that we do in a nice and grown-up fashion, we sat down and wrote ourselves a really serious and dramatic sounding Mission Statement. Whenever we find ourselves lost in the giddy heights of fame and fortune that working for The Slackline School brings,
we look back at this fine document to remind us why we’re doing what we’re doing.


“The primary goal of The Slackline School is to promote slacklining as a healthy, fun and productive activity for all ages to participate in. We aim to do this through the facilitation of school visits, having a presence at regional and national events, and taking part in national and international campaigns, thus exposing more of the public to this new sport, and finally through the creation, installation and delivery of local clubs and regular sessions where possible.

The Slackline School has a secondary agenda, that seeks to encourage all persons – young and old – to consider new career paths and creative futures for themselves, that they may go on to lead happier and more active and engaged lifestyles. Whilst the school visits, events and clubs will all go some way to support this agenda, The Slackline School will primarily support this objective through offering insightful and motivational talks to all age groups, given by instructors and friends of The Slackline School, that seek to engage audiences in meaningful discussions about themselves and the world we all share.

The Slackline School is run as a business, however all surplus profits from it are put back into the business itself, in the pursuit of the above two targets.”