Slacklining is quickly becoming the new thing for TV adverts, music videos and product launches, and The Slackline School are always keen for a new challenge. If you want something dynamic and different for your brand or product, The Slackline School can help.

With instructors and performers from all backgrounds, who are competent and capable in various situations, be it up high on a wire or covered in make up – or both – The Slackline School can provide consultancy and agency style results for whatever your brief is.

The Slackline School can;

- Deliver a wide range of performers available beyond our standard team.

- Provide competent and safe rigging practices for almost any situation, from tricklining to highlining, longlines and water crossings.

- Always comply with health and safety and all modern insurance concerns.

- Be flexible and professional, providing slackliners that are comfortable in front of a camera in any situation.