As a bolt on service to any of our other services, or as a stand alone package, The Slackline School also offers motivational talks to all ages, be it giving aspirational guidance to young persons and students about creative careers, or motivation and support to companies and businesses.

As a man with a life more exciting than most, and director of The Slackline School, Rich Pearson’s talks on just about everything have been galvanising audiences from schools to universities. As an underachiever in school who went on to become a professional extreme sports athlete in multiple disciplines, whilst additionally having worked extensively in the fields of mental health, teaching, psychology, aspirational activities and outdoor pursuits, Rich has a story to tell for almost every situation, that will make you both laugh and think.


I figured that more than just teaching people new and interesting stuff like slacklining, I actually wanted to stand in front of people and engage them in a dialogue. I wanted to tell them that things are gonna be ok, and that even though there are some smaller problems that we face every day, and bigger problems which are gonna take time to solve, there’s nothing we can’t do if we all work together. No one ever did that for me, so I’d like to make sure someone does it for the next generation

– Rich Pearson.


Rich’s presentations can be tailored from as little as ten minutes to anything up to an hour, with accompanying videos and images if so desired. Prices vary dependant on requirements, but please drop us an e-mail for a direct quote.